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Hagar The Horrible

By Chris Browne


About Hagar The Horrible

Hägar the Horrible is a comic about a Viking who sacks and loots then goes home to his wife Helga, his gentle-hearted son Hamlet, his career-minded daughter Honi, and his loyal, flea-bitten dog, Snert.

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Meet the Creators

  • Chris Browne Featured Image

    Chris Browne

    Chris Browne was born in South Orange, N.J., in 1952 and grew up in suburban Wilton, Conn. The son of award-winning cartoonist Dik Browne, he assisted his father on the comic strips Hi and Lois and Hagar the Horrible. He contributed gag writing to Hagar the Horrible from its inception in 1972. With his father, […]

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  • Dik Browne Featured Image

    Dik Browne

    Richard Arthur Browne was an American cartoonist best remembered as the creator of the newspaper gag comic Hägar the Horrible about a Viking chief, his crew, and his family. Browne is also known as the original illustrator of Hi and Lois, a family gag strip scripted by Mort Walker. Both became some of the world’s longest-running, […]

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  • Robert Chance Browne Featured Image

    Robert Chance Browne

    Chance Browne, also known as Bob, attended The School of Visual Arts and Park College and distinguished himself as an illustrator, art director and musician before eventually going to work for his father. After Dik launched Hagar the Horrible in 1973, Chance stepped in to help with Hi and Lois and has been the primary […]

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