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The Family Circus

By Bil & Jeff Keane


About The Family Circus

The world’s most popular comic panel, The Family Circus is a sentimental portrait of family life featuring the true-to-life, gentle humor of Daddy, Mommy, Billy, Dolly, Jeffy and PJ.

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Meet the Creators

  • Bil Keane Featured Image

    Bil Keane

    Bil Keane never formally studied art, but by faithfully re-creating the world around him, he developed the phenomenally successful cartoon panel The Family Circus. The first Family Circus cartoon, in February 1960, showed Mommy surrounded by a roomful of toy clutter, answering the door to a survey person who asked, Any children? The panel records […]

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  • Jeff Keane Featured Image

    Jeff Keane

    Jeff Keane was born in 1958. Two years later, his father, Bil Keane, started chasing him around the house begging him to do something funny. So began his career as a cartoon model for The Family Circus. Today, the popular cartoon panel appears daily in nearly 1,500 newspapers worldwide, making it the most widely syndicated […]

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