Vic Lee

Vic Lee


Vic Lee grew up the son of actors who recognized at an early age that their boy was saddled with a huge sense of curiosity, talent, and rebellion.

An All-American soccer player, Vic left college early to pursue a professional career, which was cut short due to a debilitating on-field injury. The next 10 years were spent as a bartender and stage actor in Seattle. It was this occupational duo that helped form Vic’s skewed and ironic view of the world. He later combined these views, his love of health, and three business partners to create a series of athletic clubs in San Diego.

As the appointed marketing director, Vic chose to go against the typical health club marketing grain and use cartoons as a way of getting people to read the advertisements. I tried to find a local cartoonist, confesses Lee, that could convey the idea of fitness and humor to an educated market week after week. After months of searching, I gave up and decided to give it a shot myself.

After winning three Nova 7 Awards for Marketing (Health & Fitness Industry) and building a small legion of fans of his cartoons, including his future wife, Vic decided to sell his shares in the gyms and develop his insightful sense of humor and cartooning skills. A short time later, he was syndicated by King Features.