John Kovaleski

John Kovaleski


Cartoonist John Kovaleski has had many jobs – from Segway tour guide to Chuck E. Cheese mystery shopper – but none that he’s loved more than being a dad. (Lousy pay, but great benefits.) His new comic strip Daddy Daze comes from a place he knows well – being a single parent to a smaller version of himself.

Daddy Daze began as an online comic strip detailing John’s real-life experience as a new dad. That version of the comic strip was actually one of many projects that he did while he was working on his Master of Fine Arts degree, teaching art and film at a college, and working as a freelance humorous illustrator. (In hindsight, perhaps he had a bit much on his plate.)

John’s childhood dream was to have his own comic strip. That dream came true when he created the cult favorite Bo Nanas, a strip about a talking monkey in the real world that was collected in the books Monkey Meets World and ApPEELing. Along the way he became a contributor to MAD magazine, illustrated credit sequences for motion pictures, and created animated greeting cards for

John lives in Pennsylvania with his no-longer-little son in a 100-year-old house that groans under the weight of way too many cartoon books.