Joe  Wos

Joe Wos


Joe Wos has been a professional cartoonist since the age of 14. His career path over the past 35
years has taken as many twists and turns as one of his mazes, as he finds new and innovative
ways to pursue his passion for the cartoon arts.

Joe is the multiple Emmy Award-winning host and creator of “Cartoon Academy” as seen on
PBS affiliates.

Some highlights include spending over 30 years touring nationwide as a performer, illustrating
stories live as he told them; founding and running a cartoon art museum in Pittsburgh;
illustrating symphony performances live with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra; and
exhibiting his art in museums worldwide. Joe has also been the visiting resident cartoonist of the
Charles M. Schulz Museum for the past 19 years.

With MazeToons — a unique hybrid illustration that is part cartoon and part puzzle — Joe has
fulfilled a lifelong dream to appear in the funny pages. MazeToons is distributed world-wide by
King Features Syndicate.

He is the author and illustrator of a dozen books including “A-Maze-Ing Peanuts” featuring
Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the whole Peanuts gang.

Joe is the Brand Character Integrity Consultant and artist for Charlie the Tuna of StarKist fame.
Joe is the winner of the 2020 Divisional Reuben Award for the Variety Category as presented by
the National Cartoonists Society. He is also a four time Emmy Award winner.
With great delight, he has heard every variation of the phrase “A-maze-ing.”