Fred Fredericks

Fred Fredericks


Fred Fredericks was born in 1929 in Atlantic City, N.J. and was in the Marine Corps from 1950-1953. Fredericks went to Cartoonists and Illustrators School now the School of Visual Arts on the GI Bill. He wrote and illustrated history comic strips in regional papers.

In 1960, he began working with the Dell and Gold Key comic books doing funny animals and adventure titles. He joined King Features in 1965 to take over the art for Mandrake the Magician, daily and Sunday. Ruminating on his Mandrake work, Fredericks says, “The best part was working with the great Lee Falk.” Fredericks took over the writing of the strip when Lee, whom he says “was one of a kind,” passed in 1999.

Fredericks lives in Massachusetts with his wife, Frances, and has two children, Connie and Patrick.