A question!

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Friends! I have a question that I’d love your thoughts & feelings on. As you know, Intelligent Life is more character-driven than anything… (It’s how I write) and I’m curious about something, as IL isn’t just full of humor, but also full of characters and heart (to me)… how do you feel when the characters get into real “life” situations, that can get a bit deep and serious, such as in a storyline? I like the way things happen organically and naturally… I just transcribe what the characters dictate in their own directions and events… but I’m curious (not so that I make decisions based on your opinions, rather, just to hear what *you* think about the serious side of things, because I value your thoughts (and we’re in this together)… make sense? Thank you for any comments you might leave (and for reading this (as usual) verbose post! – David