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Full Flash Gordon… and a personal note!

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

The full drawing of F?l?e?s?h? ?G?a?r?d?e?n?  (1000 points, nay, 10,000 points to whomever can tell me from whence this striked-out reference hails (No Googling!). Flash Gordon that appeared in yesterday’s IL!

If you haven’t figured it out, I LOVE to DRAW. I mean, I just want to draw EVERYTHING, all the time. I often actually draw way more than what appears in the daily Intelligent Life comic, just for the fun and personal enjoyment of it (Flash, here, is an example of this).

Also… I read every single one of your comments, even when I’m late responding. Thank you infinitely for them, as they inspire me, keep me going and keep me interactively excited with you, every single day. If you don’t comment, but read my blog (and/or comic), I invite you to do so, that I may have the pleasure of making your digital acquaintance here in our own little corner of the galaxy as we search ever assiduously for that rare and elusive ingredient to this mortal coil… Intelligent Life!

(And if you read through to the end of this post (I always wonder who reads my more verbose posts :-D), do tell… it will bring a smile to your fastidious cartoonist’s face!