My drawing board

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

This is my drawing board that my Grandfather made me when I was 14 (as a Christmas gift, some 32 years ago). It remains in my studio, where I still use it lovingly to this day, in addition to my desk that houses my Cintiq, computer and monitors, etc. I remember sitting at it at 14, drawing comics and cartoon characters, dreaming of one day having my own comic strip with my own characters and my own world that maybe others might care about. (I was a nerdy kid who spent most of his time with books, drawing materials, paper, comic books and animated cartoons.)

I called my Grandparents last week, just to tell them how I still use my board, and always will… how it’s seen me through my entire career… myself as a dreamer and it as my steadfast companion and reminder of my long-time love and devotion to my craft.

Thanks, Grampa, for creating this for me with your own hands. You had no idea you were building a time machine that would ground me and enable this dream… yesterday, today… and for as long as we travel together. <3

– David