Intelligent Life – Chibi Manga-style!

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

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Today’s strip was actually inspired by some #StarTrek “chibi manga” I did for TOKYOPOP several years ago in their second “Star Trek: The Manga” collection. I was working for STARTREK.com at the time, where I created The Trek Life comic strip 3 times a week, and Tokypop asked me to contribute two pages. One was a chibi version of “The Trek Life,” and the other page was “The Red Shirts,” one strip of which is seen here!

Chibi manga-style! Intelligent Life, 2/5/18

And for the uninitiated, no worries, chibi manga is pretty specific to manga and anime… “chibi,” meaning “small” or “short” in Japanese slang, is a term used often in manga (comics)/anime (animation) to refer to a style of small characters with minimal detail. “Chibi” characters are often used to represent a “cute” version of characters.

Skip & Mike’s “chibi” versions in my sketchbook before publication…