2017: a (slightly edited) look back.

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

This strip is from January 1, 2014, a little peek back at more boring times. In the grand scheme of things, how I miss “boring.”

Ah, 2017. What can I say? Well, I do have a few choice words, but I’ll keep ’em off this blog.

If anything, it was topsy-turvy. From a purely personal and professional standpoint, it happened to be one of the best years of my life. Pajama Diaries got nominated for a Reuben Award, Invisible Emmie made the best sellers list and continues to sell like hotcakes, I finished Book 2, and Pajama Diaries has been turned into greeting cards. 

I got to travel a bit, too. Went on a book tour, visited many cities in the US (some with my daughter for college visits), and even toured Italy with my husband for our 20th anniversary.

On the health front, I’ve been fortunate enough to have gotten on a good drug that’s used to control my platelet count. It’s helped tremendously, and I’m hopeful I’ll continue feeling this good for a loooong time. 

So, yeah, personally it’s been great. 

On the flip side, I’m pretty upset/terrified/p.o.ed about everything going on in our country, and — frankly — the world. I promise I won’t dive into politics here (I do it occasionally on Facebook and that’s enough), but I do want it known that just because things have gone well personally — jinx, jinx! — doesn’t mean I’ve been immune to everything else. From politics to natural disasters, it’s just overwhelming. And of course, we should never normalize this.

*sigh* Anyway, here’s to 2017. On one hand, thank you.

On the other, well…

…you know where you can shove it.