Wet A While

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

(Your private embiggenation experience awaits you. Just click a cartoon.)

I’ve got family in town this week so I’m taking as much of a week-off as I can. I’m going to make this post short as a result and hope you, my reader, will understand.

Here’s a cartoon about the Moses myth where he parts the Red Sea and escapes the Egyptians. Legend has it that the whole “flight from Egypt” was a long and grueling journey but a little gravity-free swimming might have been a lovely––if temporary––diversion.

Everyone’s mouth has a mind of its own and mine often wonders this time of year why anyone would want anything that is pumpkin-spice flavored in theirs. I’ve not experienced a pumpkin-spice colonoscopy, so I can’t say with any authority if that would be any more fun than an original-flavored colonoscopy.

In the world of dry cleaner humor, this one has been very popular. Especially in Egypt, where they still have mummies.

This kind of cartoon will always get a few comments along the lines of, “This isn’t funny”. They are right. It is not funny and that is sort of the point.

This exoskeleton cartoon got a crazy large amount of “likes” on Instagram for some reason. I can never predict when this will happen and I rarely understand why. Perhaps insects have Instagram now. Would not surprise me in the least.

You might wonder why I didn’t hold this cartoon a few more days and use it on Halloween. I am wondering that myself right now, in fact.

Some monsters spend all their money on clothing, some on a place to live. Unless you have unlimited income, you have to decide where you’re going to place your efforts in the competition for status.

Thanks for putting up with me for another week, Jazz Pickles. I hope you’re having a dandy Halloween week and encourage you to be smart, be happy, be nice, and resist stupidity and fascism.

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