Timeline – 1968 Part 4

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Beetle Bailey Sunday page color proof, June 30, 1968.

In this episode, General Halftrack becomes increasingly exasperated with Zero’s cluelessness. Mort Walker once described Zero as “an innocent young farm boy as sweet, honest and unsophisticated as an ear of corn.”

The ways in which Zero misinterprets orders or misunderstands common phrases are innumerable.

In this strip he follows Sarge’s instructions a little too exactly.

Beetle Bailey daily strip, June 6, 1961.

Here he just can’t find the right answer to Beetle’s riddle, but will never give up trying.

Beetle Bailey daily strip, March 20, 1963.

It’s easy for Sarge to trick him into thinking that getting assigned to K.P. duty is hilarious.

Beetle Bailey daily strip, February 27, 1964.

In this strip, one of my favorites, he attempts to imitate Killer’s seduction line but manages to get a different result.

Beetle Bailey daily strip, January 13, 1966.

There are many, many more examples of Zero’s gaffs in our archives. We will share some of the classic ones in future posts.

– Brian Walker