Rob’s 50th!

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

I’ve been a bad blogger. Apologies. My only excuse is…well, life. Too much of it lately (in a good way, for the most part).

Anyhoo, let’s talk comics. Latest update: Rob turned half a century old. BAM! And yes, his milestone is modeled after my husband’s, who forbade me to announce it or post anything online about it. Hello, doesn’t the dude know I have a syndicated strip? And a wayward drawing hand? Hey, I’m not responsible for the (digital) ink that flows from my pen.


So yes. As things typically go in the world of PD, something happens to Rob and Jill takes it personally. That’s right, she has the midlife crisis. And it’s taking the form of extreme planning.

At least Rob’s handling this with some dignity. I hate to think how I — I mean Jill — will deal in a few years. I’m guessing a straitjacket will be involved. 

Thankfully, Jill chills a little and they enjoy a nice getaway without the extreme stuff.

As usual, Rob can read Jill like a book. Well, she’s not that deep. Maybe a tabloid magazine. But he has a point. She (and he, if he really wants to admit it) knows that there’s only so much time left, and “50” is quite a glaring marker. But 50 today isn’t our grandparents’ 50. Today’s 50-somethings are still young, hot and vibrant…just with more joint problems. 50 means you can take those little getaways without hiring a babysitter. 50 is something to celebrate.

Hopefully I can keep all this in mind in three years…and avoid that straitjacket.