News Around the Kingdom: It’s Starting to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

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Hello, Royal Readers!

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas… in Hi and Lois!

Indeed, the song is cited in the wonderfully detailed drop panel of this 1998 Hi and Lois Sunday page.  Brian Walker focuses on the sweet and poignant twist the strip takes on the familiar cartooning theme of grousing about the over-commercialization of Christmas. Read more about it here

Hi and Lois Sunday page, December 20, 1998

Hi and Lois Sunday page, December 20, 1998

Meanwhile, at John Rose’s Studio…

… the creatures may not be stirring, but there’s always something happening! This week, we learned that the Barney Google & Snuffy Smith cartoonist found some wonderful Old Time “Milk Glass” Christmas Light Ornaments of Snuffy Smith and Loweezy Smith on eBay! Read more about these cool hand-made collectibles here: www.SnuffySmithComics.com
Loweezy & Snuffy Christmas ornaments

Loweezy & Snuffy Christmas ornaments








Team Blondie recently shared this hilarious appearance of Blondie and Daisy in Mother Goose & Grimm. Thanks to the amazing mind of Mike Peters for this giggle! 

Blondie & Daisy in Mother Goose & Grimm

Blondie & Daisy in Mother Goose & Grimm

Sarge Dreams…of FOOD!

Brian Walker continues his fascinating look back in history as Sarge dreams about eating. And eating. And REALLY eating. Why?  Check out more about the surprising reason here.Beetle Bailey Sunday page, black-and-white proof, February 9, 1992.

Beetle Bailey Sunday page, black-and-white proof, February 9, 1992.

Intelligent Life: The Sketchbook 

We hope you love taking a peek in the sketchbook of Intelligent Life cartoonist David Reddick as much as we do here in the Kingdom. This time, he has posted a drawing of Gwen – and a postcard from his earlier days of work at StarTrek.com. Talk about a diversity of subjects… Check it out here: http://intelligentlifecomics.com/

Gwen having coffee!

Gwen having coffee!

 More Bizarro than ever South of the border…

And, last but not least, Dan Piraro titles his blog “Muy Much” this week because he is playing catchup after moving to Mexico. Yes, he has WiFi and now he can post regularly from his own home. And so, you MUST read his post this week at  www.Bizarro.com.  And check out his hilarious cartoons while you’re there.

“Muy” Bizarro!

 Thanks for catching up on this week’s News Around the Kingdom.

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