by Terri Libenson
ben_wine_c It's been 6 months since my last post about the ongoing "Ben" series. Thought I'd share a little update. After waiting many months, Ben has finally had his autism evaluation, and Nanci and her husband are waiting for the results. One thing I've learned through research: it can take a painfully long time to get diagnosed, and the wait can be agony for the family.  ben_enrich_c Meanwhile, there is some comic relief. Kids on the spectrum have a myriad of challenging traits, but also some funny ones. Gettin' nekked is one I can applaud. Sometimes kids with sensory issues just don't want their clothes touching them. I understand this to the extent of practically ripping off my bra as soon as I step in the doorway (okay fine, IF I'm wearing a bra). Obviously, it runs a little deeper here. ben_naked_c There are other challenges as well. Families can have a tough time. Marriages can suffer, especially if parents aren't on the same page. Nanci and David can attest: ben_backup_c Not having kids who are on the spectrum, this is clearly uncharted territory for me. But I still think autism is a good topic for the strip and can be addressed with both humor and heart. So I'll continue taking on this self-imposed challenge. Stay tuned.




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