News Around the Kingdom: “Hi and Lois” Happenings!

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Greetings Comics Royals!

Brian Walker (“Hi & Lois”) wished everyone a Happy Fourth!


A “Hi and Lois” Sunday comic strip from 2002 celebrating Independence Day!

 He also wrote about golf as featured in the strip which began when Dik Browne and Mort Walker started playing together regularly in the mid-1960s!  Dik was a legend on the golf course!

Dik Browne, a legend on the green and off

Dik Browne, a legend on the green and off!

Follow Lois and Chip (in “Hi and Lois”) as they go to look at colleges, starting today until July 19!    

Lois and Chip are going to visit colleges!

Lois and Chip will visit colleges!

In other news… 

Bill Holbrook (“On the Fastrack”) is back from Anthrocon and was interviewed by Melony Chitwood of “The Trade”!

The talented Bill Holbrook was interviewed!

The talented Bill Holbrook was interviewed!

John Rose (“Barney Google and Snuffy Smith”) is giving a Chalk Talk and Book Signing at The Bath County Public Library in Warm Springs, Virginia at 7 PM on Tuesday July 12!  For more information call (540) 839-7286!  He’ll also be a guest at Rob-Con in Bristol, Tennessee in Bristol, Tennessee on July 30-31!  For more information call (423) 274-0450!

 David Reddick (“Intelligent Life”) posts an early Gwen Sketch!  She loves geeks!  And so do we!

 Karen Moy and Joe Giella (“Mary Worth”) were recently with other cartoonists in Long Island!

Brian Walker shows us that Mort Walker’s “The Editors Coloring Book” in 1963 was way ahead of the current adult coloring book trend! 

And finally…

 Dan Piraro (“Bizarro”) posts his hilarious comics for the week!

“Bizarro” is by Dan Piraro

 Thanks for catching up on this week’s News Around the Kingdom!

 See you again next Friday! Have a great weekend.