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By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Dethany’s Hamilton parody

Hamilton parody

Kevin & Kell is nominated

I’m delighted and deeply honored to announce that I’ve received my first National Cartoonists Society nomination, for “Kevin & Kell” in the division of Online Comics (Short Form).  I’m one of three up for the award, which will be given at the annual Reubens Award banquet in Memphis on May 28. (These are the Oscars of the cartooning profession.) The other two nominees are Dave Kellett of “Sheldon” and Boulet of “BouletCorp,” so it’s obviously a highly competitive category. Another indication of the high standards involved: last year’s winner was Danielle Corsetto for “Girls with Slingshots.”
I’m humbled to be mentioned in such esteemed company. The submission guidelines required sending twelve samples of work that appeared in the calendar year of 2015, and I’ve posted them on Lindesfarne’s Blog at http://virtual-quill.tumblr.com/.

Dethany’s Raven

Dethany’s Raven is on sale here. For the first time, the complete year of 2012 is now available, encompassing the introductions of Guy, Fi and of course, Lenore. As a bonus there’s the three-page music video of “Exhume Yourself” in comic book form.  To hear the Dethany belt out this driving Goth anthem go here.


Dethany in Virtu/Noir


“Dethany in Virtu/Noir,” is an interactive novella featuring Dethany of “On the Fastrack” as she adopts a 1940s private eye persona to solve a crime in cyberspace. She finds herself in the middle of a gang war between two groups; one promoting online transparency and the other heightened data security. A crisis erupts when people’s identities begin to be drained…literally.

Along with John Lotshaw and my wife Teri Holbrook, we’ve created a unique blend of words and images, available for the iPad. Readers will be able to make choices determining the direction of the plot, and we estimate that it offers roughly two hours of crime-solving fun. It’s yours for $2.99. Learn more about it by visiting its website here.

We had a terrific panel at DragonCon which you can view here.

Vintage Kevin & Kell

Classic “Kevin & Kell” strips are now featured on King Features’s Comic Kingdom site. Go here, and pick up the action from today’s date back in 2009.

Sheep Dip, Cryptwarming and GEST8

GEST8,” features all of the “Safe Havens” strips from 2011. See Jenny and Ming go through their pregnancies together, with Samantha caught in the middle.

Cryptwarming,” the new collection of “Fastrack” strips featuring the complete year of 2011, is now available!  See the lengths Dethany goes to in order to become a homeowner. Also included are bonuses like sketches from the housewarming party, and an interview with Dethany herself.

Get dipped! The twentieth “Kevin & Kell” collection “Sheep Dip” is now available for purchase. During this complete year of 2013 we follow the introducution of Rhonda’s living diploma, who turns out to have more secrets than anyone realizes. Fortunately his bodyguard Caniche is tasked with protecting his fleece.  Other events include Rudy’s appearance on “America’s Got Compost” and Kevin and Kell’s couples retreat.

Don’t like dead trees? E-books for the “Kevin & Kell” collections “MOUSCAR” and “Predator Camp” are now available for purchase here for $8.99 each.