A post-new year update

By Jeremy Meltingtallow


Happy 2016 (a little belated)! It’s going to be an exciting year here at the Pajama factory, so I thought I’d kick off with a few brief teasers.

The strip will celebrate its 10-year mark in March. Accordingly, I’ll come out of hibernation and start doing some major presentations (took a brief hiatus this year), which include travel time. More to come.

Originally, I wanted to put out another PD book in honor of the strip’s milestone, but it turns out I had a different kind of book in me. I wrote a middle grade novel which will be published next year. More to come on that as well…just waiting on a few loose ends to tie up. But I’m thrilled, needless to say.

In the meantime, I’m putting together an outside project that I hope to finish soon. It’s a collaborative art piece that will be donated to Cleveland’s Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital. Around 40 incredible professional cartoonists participated, and I’ll have an announcement about that as well.

Okay, enough teasing. Details to follow as the months progress. I wish everyone a happy new year. Continued thanks for reading!