Editor’s Dispatch: Veteran’s Day and S.T.E.M. Day!

By Tea Fougner

Hi, all!

This week is Veteran’s Day, so I’d like to offer my warmest wishes and thanks to veterans everywhere! Having many family members who have served in all branches of the Armed Forces, I am so grateful to all of you– and everyone here at KFS shares my sentiments in that!

(Ray BIllingsley, Curtis)

Yesterday was National S.T.E.M. Day here in the US, a day for kids to learn about cool careers in S.T.E.M. fields– and one thing you may not know is how important S.T.E.M. is to producing comics! Digitizing and formatting comics for press, running presses, building websites like Comics Kingdom– all of those require S.T.E.M. skills. Bringing comics to the web means having people who can write code and create graphics, manage databases, and even maintain the actual machines that store all of our data.

(And think about all the pranks you can play on cartoonists with a good knowledge of S.T.E.M.) 

( Niklas Eriksson, Carpe Diem)

Speaking of comics websites, we have a new addition to our comics webring– Todd the Dinosaur now has his own website. Check it out!