Editor’s Dispatch: World Literacy Day

By Tea Fougner

Happy November, everybody!

Yesterday was World Literacy Day, which is a super important day for everyone here at King Features.

The past several years have been wonderful for more mainstream acceptance of comics as a literary format!  Comics have, for generations, played a huge role in so many people’s early literacy– so many of us have memories of learning to read while comparing the pictures with the words on the comic pages, or of comics as some of the first things we eagerly devoured with our eyes when we started reading.  


Comics also play a huge role in literacy for people who are learning a second language, who can use contextual clues from the images to help out when there’s a word they don’t know, and for people with learning and visual disabilities that make reading big chunks of text more difficult, like dyslexia– as a dyslexic who loves reading, comics have always been so important to me.  Comic imagery has, over its history, developed into its own lexicon of visual vocabulary with a language all its own that transcends written words.  


We are so proud to be creating comics that tell stories and jokes that people love, and we’d like to take a moment to thank YOU for reading!