I’m losing my mind…and so is Jill

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

No, not literally. But as time keeps ticking away, it feels like my brain cells are slowly but surely leeching out of my head. And I know I’m not alone. I have smart, curious, well-read friends, and they assure me they’re as brain damaged as I am.

All part of being middle aged.


In addition, one fun side effect of ET happens to be brain fog. So you can imagine the combined effect of that, middle age memory lag and mom brain. Let’s just say I have a habit of repeating the same stories over and over while running on a ten-second delay. All this, of course, makes for some prime material.


This next sample strip is my latest. Apparently, outside of my circle of family and friends, there are many other brain damaged people. I know this because I’ve heard from you. You, too, cannot remember what your spouse said three seconds ago or who that familiar-looking person is in the grocery store who knows you by name. I feel you, I really do.


So these sad, sad strips are dedicated to all you middle-aged (and older) folks who can remember exactly what you wore to prom but can’t remember your long-time neighbor’s name. To those who walk into a room a dozen times and forget why you walked in there…a dozen times.

And, of course, to those who are willing to forgive a certain cartoonist who may or may not repeat the same material because she simply forgot that she already wrote it.