Dirty Terri

By Jeremy Meltingtallow


Pajama Diaries has been known to push the envelope in the sex department (oops, I’m not supposed to say “sex” ). In today’s world, these strips would be rated PG, not R. But in the funnies — which are still a bit…shall we say traditional — they might as well be pornographic.

My strip is relationship and family-based. Sex is an honest and intrinsic part of marriage (one would hope), so it follows that the characters Jill and Rob would occasionally engage in it. I tend to write from the viewpoint of how “intimacy” fits into their busy schedules. I figure it’s representational of most modern couples and an honest and funny aspect of PD.


When these strips first appeared, I worried about negative feedback. Turns out I didn’t have to worry too much. Over the years, I’ve only heard the positives, rarely the negatives. I get negative feedback on really weird and random (or social/quasi-political) stuff, but not this.

Occasionally, other cartoonists have asked me how I get away with these “racy” strips. Or — more aptly — how I have the balls guts to write ’em. Truth is, I don’t think about it. Thinking usually gets me in more trouble anyway. I just write what I like to write. And I’ve always been drawn to the risque. When I first started writing humorous cards, I wrote some really disgusting ones that made my male counterparts raise their eyebrows.

That’s when they gave me the nickname, “Dirty Terri.”

I take great pride in that name.

Also, I tend to come across as a little reserved and innocent in person. So the naughty side has to come out somewhere.

For fun, I thought I’d post a sampling of these strips through the years. Maybe it’ll spice up your day (in a G-rated sort of way).

Okay, this first one might push the PG-13 boundaries. This came out early in syndication. Not sure I’d have the cajones to publish this now. Well, maybe.


This one I find less “offensive” and more clever:


This one makes me laugh aloud to this day. It’s completely inappropriate for the funnies. That’s why I like it:


And, of course, the all-time reader favorite:


The Sunday flow chart:


And one of my more recent faves:


So there you go. Be on the lookout for more in the future. Dirty Terri needs to let loose sometimes.