News Around the Kingdom: Snakes, Sketches and Comic Jamming

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Greetings Comics Royals,

Happy 1st Anniversary to “Intelligent Life!” In celebration of the anniversary, David posted a very early sketch of Gwen, everyone’s favorite geek girl, and never-before-seen art of Sarah.

In other news …

Dan Piraro (“Bizarro”) was recently interviewed for an article titled, “The Bizarro Life of Cartoonist.” Dan is also selling original hand-drawn “Bizarro” sketch cards, which you can view and buy here.

Rina Piccolo (“Tina’s Groove”) had a Cross-Country Comic Jamming event with fellow Canadian cartoonist Susan Camilleri-Konar. See the fruits of their comic jam here

Bill Holbrook “(On the Fastrack”) pays comic tribute to Pixar’s box office hit,“Inside Out” …

Art by cartoonist Bill Holbrook

Art by cartoonist Bill Holbrook

John Hambrock (“The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee”) talks about space exploration, how these things might behave in other galaxies, and “New Horizons” flyby of Pluto

The “Beetle Bailey” creative team recently discovered a rare King Features’ sales brochure from 1951 in their archives …

rare King Features BEETLE BAILEY sales brochure from 1951

King Features BEETLE BAILEY sales brochure from 1951

Finally, Brian Walker (“Hi & Lois”) shares a piece of vintage Hi and Lois art from the early days of the feature and provides a bit of backstory on it.

Thanks for catching up on this week’s News Around the Kingdom!

See you again next Friday. Stay Royal!