News Around the Kingdom: “Money Manners” Wrap-Up

By ComicsKingdom Admin

Greetings Comics Royals!

Today marks the end of Jeanne Fleming and Leonard Schwarz, nationally syndicated columnists of “Money Manners,” guest blogging on the Comics Kingdom blog. Let’s give them a warm round of applause!

Many thanks to them for their priceless advice and witty observations on money etiquette and tricky social situations. We encourage you to read their weekly column, “Money Manners” in your local newspaper’s print or online edition. If “Money Manners” isn’t offered as a feature column in your local newspaper’s print or online editions, reach out to the editor and ask them why not! In addition to writing their weekly “Money Manners” column, Jeanne and Leonard are authors of the book, “Isn’t It Their Turn to Pick Up the Check?” Fans can purchase and read more about their book here.

Isn't It Their Turn To Pick Up The Check?

Isn’t It Their Turn To Pick Up The Check?

In other news …

Hilary Price (“Rhymes With Orange”) will be signing autographs and a guest speaker at San Diego Comic Con …

Terry LaBan (“Edge City”) discusses the current stroyline in which Len is thinking about getting a tattoo

David Reddick (“Intelligent Life”) admits to being a compulsive doodler and reveals his most recent character art …

John Hambrock (“The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee”) talks about his intense dislike of phishing scammers

Brian Walker (“Beetle Bailey”) shares Part Four of “Beetle Enlists”

Finally, Dan Piraro (“Bizarro”) shares a collection of comics from his ongoing Sunday Punnies series.

Thanks for catching up on News Around the Kingdom.

See you again next Friday!