Ask A Cartoonist: Summer Treats

By Tea Fougner

It’s getting hot out there!  As we do our best to cool off and begin firing up the grills, I asked our cartoonists to talk about their favorite summer treats– and their characters’ favorites, too! 

Spencer’s favorite summer treat is a snow cone. Here he is from the summer of 1992.

–Bud Grace, The Piranha Club

Zippy loves hot dogs—and, sometimes, hot dogs love him back. (This is from Zippy’s visit to Yocco’s Hot Dog King in Allentown PA)


-Bill Griffith, Zippy The Pinhead

One of my favorite things about summer here in Virginia is the annual county fair! In addition to animals, concerts and rides, there are so many wonderful food treats to eat! Last year I did a weeklong series on the Smith family visiting the Hootin’ Holler County Fair. Here is one of my favorite strips from that week and it features a favorite sweet treat of many folks–cotton candy!


–John Rose, Barney Google and Snuffy Smith

Grilled food and ice cream – pure and simple.


–Jim Keefe, Sally Forth and Flash Gordon

Dethany and Lenore enjoy a picnic. While Dethany packs a basket of standard summer treats, Lenore possesses a slightly different palate.

–Bill Holbrook, On The Fastrack

Summer treats, huh? I guess this BBQ related Ketcham Klassic qualifies.

–Ron Ferdinand, Dennis The Menace

I love summertime cocktails. Nothing like a mojito, a mint julep, or a pimms cup to sip in the hot sun…. not all at the same time, of course!

–Rina Piccolo, Six Chix and Tina’s Groove

I’m a lifelong baseball fan and I live for that period of the year between the first pitch of spring training in late February and the last out of the World Series in October. During those eight months, it’s a rare Zits strip that isn’t inked with the sound of Reds broadcaster Marty Brennaman calling a game on the radio in the background.

When I was seven years old I asked my mom to sew a number 46 on my t-shirt, and every summer morning I would go to the refrigerator and stick a “chaw” of chipped beef in my cheek, then go outside and pitch my rubber ball against a stone wall for hours, pretending I was Jim Maloney. I got a chance to meet him at spring training a few years ago and tell him that story.


–Jim Borgman, Zits