Editor’s Dispatch: Best Friend Day

By Tea Fougner

This week is National Best Friend Day, and it got me to thinking about how much time I spend with the characters on the comics pages.

Seeing as I see the comic characters every single day of my life, I guess you could say I’ve developed relationships with all of them.  There are the characters who make me laugh, the ones who make me groan, the ones that make me cheer and the ones that make me run screaming in terror.  I spend more time with these characters than I do with my real friends, being that I hang out with Hagar and Beetle, Earl and Mooch, Jeremy, Zoe, Jeffy, Dagwood, Sherman, and all the rest of our characters for eight hours every day. 

So I started considering which of the comics characters would be MY best friend, if they were real-life people?  Who would I want to have an all-weekend slumber party with?  Whose shoulder would I want to cry on?

I think Tina of Tina’s Groove would have to be near the top the list.  She’s unflappable in the most stressful situations, and she’s always good at making the most of things.  She’s the sensible one of her friends– but she still puts up with Suzanne’s flightiness and Monica’s outright bizarreness, like a true friend.


 Dethany from On The Fastrack would be up there, too. Dethany hasn’t let working a tough corporate job kill her sense of fantasy and wonder, and she’s always cheerful, and so very smart. 


And last but not least is surely Gwen from Intelligent Life!  She’s the ultimate nerd girl, like me, and we have all the same geeky hobbies– we both keep blogs and cosplay in our spare time.   I feel like the two of us would hit it off like firecrackers if she were a real person!


 Which comic strip characters would you most like to be best friends with?