Bat-zilla, Round 2

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

So, the Kaplan family is gearing up for a Bat Mitzvah this fall. Wait — didn’t they just do that? Why, yes they did. Well, Amy did. Now she gets to sit back and gloat help while Jess embarks on her own religious milestone.


This time, there is a marked difference in Jill’s attitude as a Mitzvah Mom. She’s almost — could it be — laid-back? Well, perhaps 60% laid-back, 40% in denial. Either way, she is no longer a big old stress bucket.

Reflecting this, I have chosen not to go down an already beaten path. That is, Jess’s Bat Mitzvah story line is markedly shorter and more infrequent than Amy’s. I’m sure this also echoes my own reluctance to deal with the onslaught of planning for my daughter’s event in October. I mean, come on. It feels like I’m still trying to clean up from 2013.


The nice thing is, be it denial or relaxed attitude, Jill finds it easier to breathe, which in turn, makes everything less stressful for Jess. Another by-product of being second born. And that makes this milestone that much sweeter.

Mazel Tov, Kaplans.