“The Monster Who Ate The State,” A Children’s Book by Chris Browne

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Chris Browne, cartoonist of “Hagar the Horrible,” has written a children’s book that was recently published by South Dakota State Historical Society Press.

Illustrations from cartoonist Chris Browne bring Soozy, a prehistoric dinosaur with a huge appetite, to life as he regales readers with the adventures of the traveling dinosaur and describes the unique places she visits in the Mount Rushmore State.

Chris Browne  Book Cover

Described by the Midwest Book Review as “a sneakily educational children’s picturebook,” the story follows Soozy, a hungry dinosaur who wakes up from a long sleep in South Dakota’s Black Hills, and boy is she ever hungry! The world she discovers is far different from the one she left behind. Munching on motorcycles, chasing bison, and seeing the sights, Soozy hunts for a new place to call home. Bemused by the change in her surroundings, she explores South Dakota as she searches for a new home, as well as tasty food to eat. Fortunately, the local children have milk and cookies to share!

The final page offers footnotes about the numerous exciting South Dakota landmarks that Soozy visits in her travels, such as Mount Rushmore, Custer State Park (home to buffalo, prairie dogs, and more), Sioux Falls, and Soozy’s eventual home at the Great Plains Zoo.

Fun for children and dinosaurs of all ages, “The Monster Who Ate the State” is suitable for a first- to fourth-grade reading level or for reading aloud to a younger audience.

Born in South Orange, New Jersey, Chris Browne now lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, with his wife, Carroll.