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By Jeremy Meltingtallow

New book!

Cryptwarming,” the new collection of “Fastrack” strips featuring the complete year of 2011, is now available for holiday gift-giving!  See the lengths Dethany goes to in order to become a homeowner. Also included are bonuses like sketches from the housewarming party, and an interview with Dethany herself.

Mary Worth

Classic comic strip character Mary Worth allowed Dethany to give her a Goth makeover. You can see the result at the official Mary Worth site. (Scroll down below today’s strip.) She’s a good sport!

Dethany in Virtu/Noir

The big news is the upcoming “Dethany in Virtu/Noir” interactive novella for the iPad, in which you and Dethany become sleuths to solve a murder in cyberspace.  I’ll be posting more information about it soon, and for now you can see a sneak preview of it here.








2015 Kevin & Kell patron program

The 2015 patron program which supports all three of my strips, is now active. Every year I do a special parody print for those who contribute at the Light Herbivore Salad level and above, and  for 2015 I’m featuring the female members of the cast as Disney princesses, plus Angelique as Malificent.


The print version of the 19th “Kevin & Kell” collection “MOUSCAR” is now available for purchase here! Meanwhile, the 2013 strip collections are still available, both from Lulu and now on Amazon.  “Kevin & Kell’s” “Predator Camp” is on sale here. “Freshly Dethany” features the entire “On the Fastrack” year of 2010, when our favorite Goth joined the strip. (The book replaces “Dethany, the Corporate Goth” which is now permanently out of print.)  The “Safe Havens” book also contains the calendar year of 2010, which was dominated by the cast’s epochal summer in Las Vegas. Its title is “Viva Safe Havens.”  Don’t forget that the 2009 “Fastrack: Bailout” and “Safe Havens: I Married a Mermaid” collections are also on sale.

Don’t like dead trees? E-books for the “Kevin & Kell” collections “MOUSCAR” and “Predator Camp” are now available for purchase here for $8.99 each.

Fan art

Other excellent artists have created their own impressions of Fastrack’s “Dethany,” which you can view here.

Fastrack book coming next month

Watch this space for news of the new collection of strips from 2011, “Crypt Warming.”

Cameo appearance

On Oct. 26, Dethany made her second appearance in Intelligent Life.

Important Links!!!

Kevin & Kell

Safe Havens

On the Fastrack book collections

Dethany’s music video, “Exhume Yourself”

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Indeed Podcast

I was honored to be interviewed by the good folks at Indeed Podcasts, whom I met at Emerald City Con in Seattle. I talk about my strips and my upcoming projects. 🙂 You can listen to it here or here.

Tall Tale Radio interview

I was interviewed by Tom Racine for Tall Tale Radio, which is posted here. Please listen in, and there are other excellent cartoonists in the archives.