Tuesday’s Top Ten Comics: Voting

By ComicsKingdom Admin

Today is Election Day in the United States. While the ballots are cast and counted, comics fans can enjoy this week’s Tuesday’s Top Ten Comics on voting.

Halloween might be over, but some characters still make an appearance on Election Day.


Ed Kudlick (“Dustin”) approaches his voting with some healthy skepticism.


Even Mr. Peanut in “Bizarro” has some hesitation about voting and casting his ballot.


The penguins of “Arctic Circle” imagine a future wtih online voting via Facebook.


Curtis makes a wise observation about politicians and lowering the voting age.


Pollsters don’t have an easy job, especially when polling “The Lockhorns.”

Talking about politics can turn into a heated discussion. Just ask Rocky and Julius in “Beetle Bailey.”


Jeff Miller learns that he didn’t exactly win his “Father of the Year” victory by a landslide.  


Name calling and majority rules in this voting-themed “Retail” comic.


Finally, whomever you decide to vote for, “Six Chix” has an important message to heed.


We hope you enjoyed these funny comics about voting and the electoral process.

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