Visiting the Inner Sanctum of Richard Thompson (The Cartoonist, Not The Singer)

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

A few weeks ago in DC I hung out with Richard Thompson, creator of the comic strip Cul De Sac and the longtime illustrator extraordinaire.  If you want to see funny artwork to break up your day, check out his blog. (I won’t be offended if you leave this page.  It’s totally worth it.)

I just ordered The Complete Art of Richard Thompson to give myself for my birthday.


We spent the afternoon flipping through files and files of his work.  Here is his actual wedding invitation.  (Note: Despite the look on their faces, he and his wife are still married.  And even more incredible, it was Richard’s mother who set them up.)

Photo Oct 03, 5 47 24 PM

Here’s the bunch of us in his studio:

Photo Oct 03, 4 11 10 PM

At the end of my visit, I looked over at this statue on his bookshelf:

Photo Oct 03, 6 10 58 PM

Then I asked, “What does Colonel Sanders mean to you?”

“That’s Mark Twain,” he said.



(Above– NOT Mark Twain.)

Photo Oct 05, 3 59 18 PM

(Above– Mark Twain.)