Tuesday’s Top Ten: National Dessert Day!

By ComicsKingdom Admin

In celebration of today being National Dessert Day, this week’s top ten are all about yummy treats!

1. Six Chix shows a very fun idea for a food bucket list:

2. Who needs a birthday to enjoy birthday cake? Not Sarge from Beetle Bailey:

3. Delicious competitive eating is seen in this Rhymes with Orange strip:

4. The Family Circus kids want to check that Grandma knows their favorite cookies:

 5. Is Helga trusting Hägar the Horrible too much with this cake for the neighbors?:

6. Dustin’s dad has an interesting idea for calorie counts on dessert bars:

 7. Mother Goose & Grimm shows us a strict rule about dessert in this family:

 8. Dagwood from Blondie discovers that school bake sales have the best treats:

 9. The Baby Blues family is discovering what happens to dessert before grocery day:

10. And finally, Earl from Mutts asks the eternal question – “what’s for dessert”?

Happy National Dessert Day!

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