Eternal Slacking Laundry Jungle

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

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Bizarro is brought to you today by Young Vet In Training.

My, how time flies. Here it is today already and just 24 hours ago it was yesterday. Will it ever end? So far, it hasn’t, and that is the point of this cartoon. Eternity is a notoriously difficult concept for the human mind to grasp from inside our tiny fishbowl lives, but I find it very helpful to contemplate.












This mostly blue cartoon is about what it says it is about.
















Years ago I swore off mandatory gift-giving on holidays. It was a great relief and a decision I’ve never regretted. Yes, I know the nation’s retailers will all go belly up and the terrorists will have won if we don’t all bankrupt ourselves on national holidays. But whose fault is that, really? (I don’t know, I’m actually asking.)






OLD BIZNESS: Here’s a little ditty from the early 2000s that doesn’t have any direct relationship to the cartoons above except that most people buy stuff online now. I’ve always liked this gag and I also like reading about primitive cultures. BizarroAmazonWEB