Tuesday’s Top Ten: Cosplay, Superheroes, and Costumes!

By ComicsKingdom Admin

In celebration of this week being the start of New York Comic Con, this week’s top ten are all about cosplay, superheroes, and costumes!

1. Gwen from Intelligent Life shows why it can be tough to be a geek girl:

 2. Mother Goose & Grimm shows us how Superman puts his outfit on:

 3. Is this superhero having an epiphany in this Bizarro comic?

 4. Oh no! A costume malfunction in this Sherman’s Lagoon strip:

 5. Is the Mutts gang fooled by this costume?

 6. Something is missing from this Batman costume:

 7. Marvin vows to get revenge for being forced to wear this:

 8. What happens when superheroes age? Rhymes with Orange explains:

 9. Could a sweet costume lower stress? This Hägar the Horrible strip investigates:

 10. And finally, all this week Intelligent Life will be sharing strips about cosplay and costumes, just like this one (check them all out here!):

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