By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Just returned from a five-day stint (including travel time) to the Kenosha Festival of Cartooning. It did not disappoint.

Rather than rehash the great things that have been posted, I’ll just provide some links, plus add some photos of my own.

Click for “Comic Strip of the Day” by Mike Peterson for all the day-by-day festival updates. By the way, Mike’s blog is a must-read for every type of comics fan.

Click for the podcast by Tom Racine of “Tall Tale Radio” from the festival gallery show. Tom’s podcasts are always top-notch and entertaining. My interview is the second one, and — I promise — it’s short.

And here are some miscellaneous photos for your viewing pleasure:


Sunrise view from our hotel. The one time a picture does it justice.


WGTD radio interview with many of the guest cartoonists.


At Andrea’s Cigars and Gift Shop, one of the festival’s sponsors.


At Bjorn’s Clothing Emporium, another fun, quirky sponsor store.


At a high school for a presentation and drawing session with a few hundred (very) enthusiastic students.


I had the privilege of drawing for this very sweet student a “Jill at a pajama party” pic.


Demonstrating my character drawing at a cartooning class for kids of all ages.


Signing away after many fine guest presentations.


Just a little something we signed to show our appreciation for a fine meal.


OK, this image I stole from Mike Peterson’s blog. It’s our last night, whilst relaxing. And yes, I smoked it. Am I proud? You betcha. (And I blame the guy sitting next to me who taught me — the wonderful Scott Stantis.)

A hearty thanks to Anne Hambrock for organizing this incredible event. For everyone who loves comics, I recommend that you make it to Kenosha next year!