Editor’s Dispatch: Renee Faundo Blog Takeover Week!

By Tea Fougner

Hi, all!

This past week, Renee Faundo, this year’s Jay Kennedy Memorial Scholarship winner, came to work with us in the King Features offices. Renee is an exceptionally talented talented young cartoonist currently studying animation at CalArts. As part of her visit, she took over our blog for a week. You’ll be able to read comics by Renee here on Comics Kingdom every day this week.




STAGE 1:  You react to the news with numbed disbelief and question the actuality of this offer. 

STAGE 2:  The reality of the situation dawns on you – as the shock wears off, it is replaced with the thrill and excitement of all the possibilities the coming week may bring. 


STAGE 3:  Joy soon fades into deep thinking and Critical Over Analyzing. You begin to grow anxious over-think the situation and every silly mistake you could possibly make. 


STAGE 4:  The build-up from your feelings and ruminations explode in a ker-fluffle. 

STAGE 5:  You wipe away the sweat, pick up the pieces of your exploded face, and collect yourself. And you think about what an amazing opportunity you’ve really been presented with. As you accept the situation, the excitement is re-kindled and you start to plan to and look forward to the future! You got this! 

Hello internet! I am delighted to join King Features Syndicate (aka the venerable company that has distributed all of the funnies I adored reading growing up) this week as a guest blogger! 

Looking very forward to what this week of comic adventuring will bring!