Hoover the Hungry Dog Children’s Book – Free for Amazon Prime Users

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Arctic Circle is my bread and butter, but I have a few side projects as a professional cartoonist and one of them is illustrating books. Usually I illustrate other people’s books (The More I See of Men, the More I Love My Dog; The Oddies children’s book series; The Art of Cartooning and Illustration; to name a few), but about ten years ago I wrote one of my own. I sent Hoover the Hungry Dog out to lots of publishers and got some good feedback, but didn’t get a deal because, though they liked the story and the characters, they thought the illustrations were too cartoony and that there needed to be more texture to the colours.Hoover the Hungry Dog is a great children's book to read to 1 to 5 year olds

Now that ebooks are here, that is less of an issue. I’ve also seen a lot of cartoony books be very successful (Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus is a personal favourite). It seems like Hoover the Hungry Dog’s time may have arrived.hoover-inside1

Hoover is now available for the Kindle Fire and is FREE for Amazon Prime users for the next couple of months. If you are a member of Amazon Prime, I’d love you to download the book and let me know what you think – if you like it, please review it on Amazon.hoover-inside2