Tuesday’s Top Ten: Airplane Comics!

By ComicsKingdom Admin

Every Tuesday, we post ten comics on a theme.

Today is National Aviation Day, so this week’s theme is all about airplanes!

1. Why is there screaming in the cockpit? Bizarro explains:

 2. The Lockhorns are experiencing airplane disagreements:

3. Six Chix shows us what happens when a new pilot is flying:

 4. Looks like a romantic flight in this Between Friends strip:

5. Rhymes with Orange shows us parenting through aviation methods:

6. Dustin‘s dad is not having the most relaxing flight:

 7. What cannot be seen from the surveillance airplane in this Beetle Bailey strip?:

 8. Shoe explains what to do when you hate the in-flight movie:

9. What happens when someone plans a last-minute vacation? Tina’s Groove demonstrates:

 10. Finally, Rhymes with Orange shows us what happens when Mr. Potato Head goes on a flight:

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