Editor’s Dispatch: Tree Check Month with Mark Trail!

By Tea Fougner

If you read Mark Trail yesterday, you may have noticed that Mark offered some handy advice for checking your trees for damage caused by the Asian Longhorned Beetle.

August is Tree Check Month and Mark Trail is joining with the USDA to help teach us about the dangers of the Asian Longhorned Beetle, and how we can check our trees for infestation and prevent the spread of this deadly insect! 


To help Mark Trail out, we’re also launching the official Mark Trail website at Marktrail.com, which you’ll be able to visit later today.  Mark Trail cartoonist James Allen will be blogging about  writing and drawing Mark Trail– and he’ll be beginining by talking about his work to help promote Tree Check Month.   We hope you enjoy it! 

For more information about Tree Check Month or to report ALB sightings, visit www.AsianLonghornedBeetle.com.