A Second Mary Worth Book Is On Sale Now!

By Jeremy Meltingtallow


Brand new!

This book contains four popular stories involving Mary and her friends with the theme of SEARCHING for someone…or something!

Mary Goes to Vietnam: When Mary doesn’t hear from Jeff who is on a humanitarian mission overseas, she takes matters into her own hands and travels to Vietnam to search for him!


Gina Looks For Bobby:  Mary befriends a local waitress who’s having trouble getting over a former love from her distant past.  When Mary advises Gina to look for him, what she finds is more than she ever dreamed of!


The Missing Girl:  While at a local diner, Mary recognizes a missing girl she’s seen on a poster, and takes a stand against the kidnapper who’s holding her!


Tom and Beth:  A Search for Love:  Mary invites her neighbors Tom and Beth over for dinner in order to make a match between them.  But when they hit it off, Beth’s mother Elinor protests against their romance!
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