Editor’s Dispatch: From the Comic-Con Floor & a Happy Anniversary to Jeff Koterba!

By Tea Fougner

We’ve got some fun photos of Ray Billingsley of Curtis and Rina Piccolo of Tina’s Groove and Six Chix at their Comic-Con events!



 In addition to our fantastic cartoonists, we also spotted these nifty Dennis the Menace collectibles on the show floor:


 And Popeye was everywhere!  Here’s a picture of the great collection of Popeye books from IDW:


 (You can buy them here!)

 And here’s our favorite Popeye cosplayer of the weekend, posing with Marky Ramone!!

In completely different news, we also wanted to wish a very happy cartooning anniversary to the fabulous Jeff Koterba, one of our wonderful editorial cartoonists.  He’s been drawing for the Omaha World-Herald for twenty-five years.  Amazing, Jeff!  

Jeff wrote a piece on his own blog about twenty-five years in cartooning, and you can read it here!