Tuesday’s Top Ten: Comic Strip Critic Edition!

By ComicsKingdom Admin

Welcome back to the Comics Kingdom blog! I’m your Comic Strip Critic, taking over the blog for the week! To see my first day on the blog, click here.

Every Tuesday, we post ten comics around a certain theme. This week, we’re looking at ten posts about critics. There might be a touch of ego-stroking in there…not sure why…

Oh. That’s why. Norm Feuti kindly drew me in one of my favorite comics, Retail, for a day!

And now, on to comics about critics!

1. Who are the worst critics of this art museum exhibit? Six Chix explains:

2. As this Between Friends shows, every mother and daughter can be a critic:

 3. Dagwood learns a valuable lesson about when not to be a critic of Blondie:

 4. Loretta Lockhorn has a talent for criticizing, according to Leroy:

 5. The restaurant critic in Tina’s Groove is very thorough:

 6. Thorton’s mom from Sherman’s Lagoon loves to be a critic. But is she right?:

7. Over in Zits, Jeremy being a critic causes disagreement with his mom:

 8. How can Leroy Lockhorn know his mother-in-law was here?:

 9. Can you be a critic of something, and also be guilty of it? Pajama Diaries explains:

10. And finally, as Hägar the Horrible knows, everyone is a critic these days!:

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