Tuesday’s Top Ten: School’s Out!

By ComicsKingdom Admin

Every Tuesday, we post 10 comics on a theme. In honor of the summer, today’s comics are all about school being out!

1. It is the last day of school! What does Curtis want to do?:

2. By the end of the school year, Dustin‘s little friend is questioning what he really needs to learn:

3. What can drag the school year out? Rhymes with Orange explains:

4. Hilary from Sally Forth is so close to being out of school this year:

5. What should Amy from the Pajama Diaries do this summer?:

6. The Family Circus kids are very excited school is out! But is their mom?:

 7. Skip from Bleeker the Rechargeable Dog has started his summer with a twang!:

8. Marvin is ready for summer! Oh no!:

9. What should the Baby Blues family should do this summer?:

10. And finally, Mrs. Duncan from Zits remembers when she used to have her summers free:

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