Editor’s Dispatch: Welcome to Intelligent Life!

By Tea Fougner

I’m very excited to announce the website launch of our newest addition, Intelligent Life!

Intelligent Life is an awesome comic about living the geek life (which plenty of us here at King Features do).  It’ll be launching in print on July 7, but for now, you can visit Intelligent Life at IntelligentLifeComics.com and peek in on David Reddick, the intrepid creator of Intelligent Life, who is hard at work in the comics mines as we speak!

In the meantime, David has a little greeting for all of you!

The cast of Intelligent Life: Skip, Gwen, Mike, and Barry.


Hello, friends! 

Your friendly-neighborhood cartoonist, David Reddick here, cartoonist and creator of “Intelligent Life.” I’m SO excited to share my comic strip with you. Intelligent Life is a very personal labor of love for me, and is all about the things I LOVE dearly, and always have since I was a kid. It’s all about the things I am. All things nerdy, geeky, fanatical and non-Mugglish.
Skip, Gwen, Mike and Barry are each a part of me, and at the same time, teach me things and reveal themselves like old friends, while I sit back and basically “record” what they say and do in any given situation. It’s like being the DM of the coolest D&D game ever, setting the stage, while the players go on their adventure and make their choices.
Being a geek these days is very different than it was when I was a kid. These days, I think more and more people are realizing they’re a geek too… we all geek out over SOMETHING. There are comics geeks, food geeks, gaming and video game geeks, sports geeks, car geeks, outdoor geeks, workout geeks, TV geeks, movie geeks, fashion geeks, tech geeks, you name it… we’re all in this “fanatic” thing together and we each have our passions as individuals, whether some of us know it (or admit it) or not, and “Intelligent Life” CELEBRATES this, in all its delicious and colorful splendor, because deep down, we’re all a little more alike than we realize. I like to think there’s something for everyone in Intelligent Life… so if you hang out with us, you’ll likely see yourself here, too, you’ll make some new friends and always feel accepted and celebrated for being the geek that you are. 
Live Long and Prosper, May the Force Be With You, Allons-y and Excelsior!!