Tuesday’s Top Ten: National Waiter/Waitress Day!

By ComicsKingdom Admin

Every Tuesday, we post 10 comics on a theme. Tomorrow is National Waiter/Waitress Day, so today’s comics are all on that theme!

1. This Bizarro comic shows us the “head waiter”:

 2. What does the patron want in this Shoe strip?:

 3. “No problem” ordering a meal in this Dustin comic:

 4. Hägar the Horrible needs the waiter right now:

 5. Waiters are helpful in explaining dishes, as seen in this Rhymes with Orange strip:

 6. Tina’s Groove shows us the Waitress Peeve #5,332:

7. What does Dolly from Family Circus need to learn before she can be a waitress?:

 8. The Between Friends women know when to leave a big tip:

 9. The Baby Blues kids are on their best behavior, to their parents’ surprise:

10. And finally, Mother Goose and Grimm reminds us to always ask for a doggie bag:

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