Archer Troglodytes Chasing Download Destruction

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

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Bizarro is brought to you today by Appetizing Image.

My first offering this week is a collaboration with my good friend and colleague, Wayno of Pittsburgh. I like this gag a lot. For the sake of accuracy, I have William reading the fourth line, in case you’re wondering which colors coincide with the names of the apples he is identifying.

Wayno speaks coherently on this collaboration here.












I’m not a fan of the Paleo Diet. It may work for weight loss but all that meat isn’t good for you or the planet in the long run. Animal agriculture is tied with coal burning for the most environmentally damaging industry on the planet. It eclipses all transportation combined. Plus, the “Paleo” recipes you find for this stuff are rife with ingredients like the ones I mention in the cartoon and which cave people would have had no access to. Another diet scam, in my opinion.














Here’s a pizza cartoon.











Here’s a file cartoon.



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BIZARRO BOOMERANG: Those of you Jazz Pickles of a certain age will no doubt remember how impossible it used to be to program a VCR to catch your favorite shows. I once had to employ my neighbor’s 10-year-old son to help me. Jack’s a grownup now. The other people mentioned in this cartoon are dead.