May 1: A Replacement Strip That Will Run As A Replacement To The Replacement

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

“It’s May, It’s May, The Lusty Month of May…” Julie Andrews sang it best in the musical Camelot in 1960. Have a listen.

But I did my best to honor the ideals of Lusty May with this strip. I sent it in 5 weeks ago.


Alas, my editors did not think the bondage theme would resonate well with some newspaper readers, so we pulled it from the lineup.

Instead, we went with a much more wholesome strip about the 75th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz. I sent that in 4 weeks ago.


Except the weather did not cooperate.  Tornadoes this week have touched down all over the South and Midwest, and it would be terrible to open up your newspaper and see this tragedy made light of.

So this Tuesday, when we first heard of the storms, we put out an alert to newspapers and offered another strip as a last minute replacement. “May Day” became “mayday!”

Newspapers lay out their comics page well in advance, so there is no guarantee your local will decide/be able to swap it out.  But if they do, you should see this strip in your paper. It is the May 1st strip from exactly a decade ago. If you see the Oz strip instead, I’m so sorry. We tried our hardest to make it right.