Tuesday’s Top Ten: Earth Day Comics!

By ComicsKingdom Admin

Every Tuesday, we post 10 comics on a theme. Today is Earth Day, so this week’s Top Ten comics are all about recycling, conservation, and the environment!

1. Bizarro shows us an example of judicial recycling:

 2. How does the royal family care about the environment? Arctic Circle tells us:

 3. The Family Circus kids are very excited about recycling:

 4. Is this Shoe comic what is meant by the importance of “conserving energy”?

 5. How does the Hägar the Horrible gang recycle? Let’s see:

 6. What happens when Retail goes green?

 7. Pajama Diaries shares what a mom’s recycle bin look like:

 8. Six Chix shows us what one-time-use plastics think of themselves:

 9. Rhymes with Orange gives us a flora and fauna quiz:

 10. And finally, Mutts reminds us just how wonderful nature really is:

Happy Earth Day!

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