Mary’s Known As a Great Cook

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Mary’s known by her friends not only as a great adviser, but also a great cook.  Friends often sit at her dining table and share the wonderful creations she makes in her kitchen.  What better way to break open a person’s psyche than by breaking bread with them?


Eating together is a big part of dating.  Although she likes to cook, sometimes Mary likes to  eat out with Jeff at The Bum Boat seafood restaurant.


In addition to making hearty meals, Mary often makes baked goods to serve to friends.


I recommend “The Good Cake Book” by Diana Dalsass.  There’s an appealing selection of different cake recipes – bar cakes, tube cakes, loaf cakes, etc. – and she has a nice way of describing them.  One of my favorites is the Chocolate Chip Apple Cake recipe which appears in an early version of her book.